Sometimes You Just Need a Little Mother Nature

Hello friends! (Hi, Mom!) It has been far too long since I’ve visited. With all the tediousness of life and the mundane, day to day living I haven’t felt like I even really had anything to write about. Van life is still closer to a dream than reality, although baby steps are being made and I am very excited about even the smallest progress in that area. I had intended my next post to be about my travel dreams and all the places I hope to visit. But then something rather unpleasant happened.

Now, this is not my story to tell so I will only give the necessary details. My best friend needs me. She and I have known each other for somewhere around 15 years and in that time, we have been closer than any two humans have the right to be. If you believe in soul mates, she is mine. I love her like family and feel insanely protective of her. Unfortunately, my dear best friend is going through a rough time. One of those rough times where you start to question all your life choices that led to this very moment and wonder about your very existence. The kind of rough time that, for all the pain, you come out better and stronger from the experience. And I know she will.

So we have decided that some serious best friend time is just what the doctor ordered! We were reminiscing about our trip to Asheville, NC a few years ago and wanted to recapture that. We started planning another grand trip to some other random location. It was great fun until reality hit. We (mostly me) didn’t have the funds for that kind of trip, especially as soon as we hope to go. Alright well, next idea. We take a train trip someplace close and stay one night and ride back the next day. Well, no, that was still pretty expensive and not enough actual trip time for the money. Next.

Luckily, we love the planning almost as much as the trip itself because we were brainstorming ideas for quite some time. I just kept thinking how great it would be if I was van life ready, we could just take off and go wherever, camping in the car at night after our daily adventures.

Wait a minute! Camping! Somehow we hadn’t had the idea to camp yet. I knew from my van life research that there are many places you can camp for free, like National Forests. So the decision was made, we are going camping! We did decide against the free camping route however, opting instead for a local park. With less drive time we get more time out camping and even with the cost of the campsite, it works out to be less expensive as well. Plus, Hanna Park has everything we could want. Beach, woods, lakes all in one convenient location, which means one less decision for us. You can even rent beach cruisers, mountain bikes, kayaks and all kinds of fun outdoor adventure gear.

We plan on making this trip like a healing retreat. Both of us need some time in nature to ground ourselves. We have a few plans for that, meditating on the beach in the morning and drinking tea by the campfire at night. If anyone has any more suggestions for things we can do to make this a retreat-like as possible, please leave a comment below! We would love to hear your ideas.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need a Little Mother Nature

  1. Good read, good message! It reminds me of “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell Conwell, a morality tale about finding what you’re looking for in your own backyard. Such a valuable lesson. I just *happen* to know this Hanna Park. 🙂 In fact, I once camped for several days and participated in my first sweat lodge. I love the idea of you taking a retreat in your own backyard. Take a journal and an empty basket.


  2. Google “Free camping in florida” you will find hundreds of places you can go. There is also a you tube video that helps explain what’s out there.


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