Random Ramblings and Unnecessary Updates

Hello and welcome to another episode of “I haven’t planned this out at all, I just sat down at my computer and started typing so I hope it doesn’t suck!” I feel like most bloggers, or writers in general really, at least plan out what they are writing. They probably even write a rough draft first. That’s never really been my style though. I was always that kid that just started writing. Mind maps and flow charts and all that other planning stuff never really worked for me. Which is pretty interesting in itself because in the rest of my life I’m an extreme planner. (My bullet journal is my most prized possession.) But when it comes to writing, I rarely plan anything out. Sometimes it works out great but sometimes this is what happens. It’s pretty fun for me either way so I hope it’s not too annoying for you cool cats.

I’m still working on getting a regular posting schedule worked out. I have a full-time job now, with a set schedule and everything, so I’m going to try and make Mondays the Blogging Day.

You may remember in my last post I was excitedly awaiting spring break to go camping with my best friend. Well, this week is spring break here but Melody and I are unfortunately still in civilization. The good news is we found jobs and can now pay our bills again! The bad news is we found jobs and now we have to be responsible and show up for work again. So no camping for us this week. I do have another plan up my sleeve but it’s a surprise and she reads this so you guys will just have to wait, too.

Now, as you may know, I started this blog with the intention of documenting and sharing my journey into van life. As you also may know, things change and ideas evolve and so my van life dreams keep evolving, too. It started with a lifetime desire to go live in the woods. Then my dad suggested I get a camper and travel and the whole idea really took off. That’s when I really started to research it, and found out about #vanlife and fell in love. Then my boyfriend told me he wasn’t interested in living life on the road in such a small space and the first adjustment was made. Since I was going to be alone, I figured a van was safer than a trailer. If something happened, I could just hop in the drivers seat and go. But in the course of all my planning and attempting to save, real life has pretty consistently gotten in my way. My financial situation isn’t the greatest. My lease is up next month and I can’t afford to renew as they are significantly raising the prices. And I’m already barely scraping by. Moving is difficult too, especially on your own. I don’t have the money for a security deposit or first and last months rent. I can’t afford a pet deposit and that’s if i can even find another place that allows my dog. ( I’ve already been denied an apartment once because he looked too much like a pit bull.) And of course I am no where near being ready to start van life. I don’t even have a van yet. I was going to temporarily stay with a friend but his mom wasn’t thrilled about the idea.

Luckily, I have a wonderful family and amazing parents. My dad has always been there for me, even when he hasn’t always fully approved of me decisions. But one thing he has always lived by and passed on to me was the philosophy that God helps those that help themselves. And when he sees someone struggling but trying their best, he steps in. Now that I think about it, it’s not a surprise at all that he was sorted into Hufflepuff. My dad approached me about a week or so ago now with another idea. He and my stepmom want to help me get a trailer! Something small, not too expensive or extravagant, but something that will be a good home for me for many years to come. I can then make payments to them instead of some soulless corporation that has no problem taking my house if I’m a day late with my payment. And I can get into it much, much sooner. I’ll still be in Jacksonville, I don’t have a car that can pull a trailer yet, but my dad has also offered to help me move my trailer when we need to until I get a better towing vehicle. In the meantime, I’ll be saving a ton of money since the most expensive campground around here is still about half the cost of my current apartment. And they’ll even let me bring my dog.

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