Lessons Learned From My Dog

Welcome back, my lovely friends! Today I want to tell you guys more about one of my favorite subjects; my dog Bronson. I believe I’ve mentioned him once or twice before but I think it’s high time he got his own post.

Bronson is my super sweet three-legged dog, or tripod/tripawed. He was a rescue, adopted out of the Humane Society shortly after his surgery. His rescuer and I became involved and moved in together. When we broke up, he was unable to take Bronson with him so he let me keep him. Since then, we have bonded like I never have with a dog before. He is a sweet boy and a grumpy old man and, as cliché as it may sound, he is the light of my life. He sparks all that Marie Kondo-style joy with that precious face of his every time he looks at me. I’ve learned so much from him and not just about how to care for an animal with three legs, though I have learned quite a bit about that as well. No, the biggest lessons I’ve this wonder-pup has taught me apply to life more than just pet care.

Lesson 1: Paitence

This is maybe the most valuable lesson Bronson has taught me. I’ve never had much of it before but when you have a handicapped senior dog in your care, you have to develop some. You can’t rush your tripawed. When he needs a break, I let him take all the time he needs. Sometimes he came be a little stiff and slow getting going in the morning or after a nap, so I’ve learned to make allowances for that. I get up a little earlier so I don’t have to rush him before I go to work.

Lesson 2: Enjoy your time outdoors

Appreciate being out in nature, it’s healing and therapeutic. Bronson absolutely loves to be outside, even if he’s just standing there. The first time or two that I took him to the park, all he did was sniff things and stand around. He loves to feel a good breeze. He’ll just stand there with his head up when the wind blows, looking all serene and peaceful and happy. Tail wagging and the trademark pittie smile. Then he gets back to sniffing, the happiest dog in the universe. He’s gotten more playful but he’ll still stop and feel the wind on his face. It confused me at first but now I know: standing in a nice, strong breeze makes you feel at peace with the world.

Lesson 3: Never give up

Bronson has the kind of perseverance and tenacity that most humans only dream of. This dog has never left anything keep him down. When he falls, he gets right back up. When he struggles to get on the sofa or the bed, he just keeps trying. Sometimes he needs to regroup. He’ll walk away with a grunt, shake it off and try again. Sometimes he needs some gentle words of encouragement but he always, always keeps going.

Lesson 4: Stop and smell the roses

And the grass. And the dirt. And leaves. And just about everything. This may fit in with patience or appreciating nature but it still feels important. Sometimes you just need to take a little time to stop and sniff a flower.

Lesson 5: Drink water

Drink all the water. Bronson loves his water. Well, he loves to drink his water. He’s not a big fan of swimming or baths. But he drinks water like it’s going out of style. He even does a little happy dance when I fill his dish. So get excited about it and drink your water, just like Bronson.

Lesson 6: Don’t be afraid to ask for snuggles

Sometimes we all just need to be loved on, to be touched or pet or hugged. Physical contact is important to our emotional well-being. Bronson knows this and frequently reminds me by hitting me with his butt. When he feels like he hasn’t gotten enough love and attention, he has no qualms about asking for some. This is something I have generally struggled with but Bronson has taught me that it’s okay to make your needs know, especially to your loved ones.

Bronson on a car ride
Bronson on a car ride

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